Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FIRST DAY of March

Hi Everyone,

Once again I am present to how much I look forward, even if resisting on some level, our week of JUICING together. It always comes just about the time I am so ready for it! It isn't that I eat poorly the rest of the month, just that I long for the structure, the clarity, the ease and energy.
How about you? This month we are heading to LA tomorrow morning at 4am for the first day of business (opening softly) at our new Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont Blvd. We are so excited. I feel like a new baby is being born and we are in the final stages of labor!
We are so proud of the boys (our sons) and the crew there, along with our partners.
I am thrilled that it won't be difficult to JUICE as there will be lots of fresh juice available.
Mint is growing on the farm already and I love it in grapefruit juice... also in season.
What are some of your favorite juice combinations?
Hope you had a great first day and I'll be in touch tomorrow from Los Angeles.
I love and appreciate you.


ana kelley said...

Hello from Central Mexico! We are excited to be juicing with you! The people of this village have been drinking more and more green juice during the last 8 years, with a local family now selling fresh juice. Everyone looks so much better, and feels better too. Although juice fasting is new to most of the staff here, but they were willing to participate with me this month after I told them what I have been doing every month. They love the idea too, and we all feel grateful that there is a whole world out there juice fasting with us. What a wonderful supportive community!
Kelley, Hacienda Las Trancas

kris said...

Hi Everyone! How exciting what you are doing, Ana, with your whole staff! You've created a whole juice fast community around you! Nice! :)

I'm also excited to hear about Cafe Gratitude opening in LA. I will definitely make a trip to eat there one of these Saturdays! I'm quite excited!

This time around, in addition to committing to taking in only liquids, I also want to speak my truth clearly and directly. This will be a HUGE challenge for me!

I'm very happy to be here with you all again.