Monday, February 7, 2011

Day SEVEN February

Hi everyone,
I wish the week wasn't over in so many ways and I am happy to be getting ready for our trip to Los Angeles to see our sons and also the community that is gathering there. We are heading down south for three days to meet the new employees of Cafe Gratitude LA and to begin training them in our model of business. The reason I juiced a week early was to ease the challenge of juicing while traveling and staying at someone's house.
I am grateful for the Chlorella tablets I have been taking and will take with me while I travel as well.
I am also grateful that my community eats healthy food so the breaking of my juice week will go smoothly. Remember to take it easy, keep juicing and start adding in salads, steamed veggies and light meals. I always make the biggest meal of the day midday and have a really light evening meal or only liquids at night.
How do you break your cleanse?
Be sure to continue to treat yourself well, make healthy choices and remind yourself that you are beautiful inside and out!

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gratitude said...

Thus far, my favorite way to break a cleanse or fast is with one luscious, in-season apple. I love to eat it very, very slowly, in small bites, deliberately taking in every magnificent aspect of it: smell, texture, taste, the sound and feel of the crunch, the whole experience. Sometimes I can't even finish a whole one, especially if I'm breaking a juice fast or the master cleanse. Aloha!