Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Five February

Good Morning,

Well today I simply did not set myself up well and found myself dealing with hunger. Thankfully Marta brought me a coconut for the lunch break at a workshop we were leading. I also had some strawberries and a few olives and sprouts... tasted so good and really did ease my irritability from the hunger. I can see that it is difficult for me to speak up sometimes and ask for what I really need, good lesson to take on. I always find myself being so willing to be flexible, which I appreciate too. It is always a paradox!
I really watched my mind today, part of the power of the workshop. I was able to see how my ego will create dissatisfaction no matter what I choose. So I can use that awarness as a wake up call and practice shifting my attention to some thought that empowers me. Great lesson.
What are you learning?
I so appreciate you all.
Love. Terces


kris said...

Good Morning back to you!

I love what you share about your mind creating dissatisfaction no matter what you choose, because that's often the case for me surrounding my food choices. I, once again, ate cooked food last night. I was operating from a place of unconsciousness. I'm choosing not to beat myself up over it, but rather choosing to, once again, commit to day six of this juice fast, knowing yesterday's choices have no bearing on today. What am I learning? It seems that this morning, I am learning an old lesson that needs to be heard again and again: I can make this a "good" day or a "bad" day...the choice is mine. :)

Terces Engelhart said...

thanks Kris, I so appreciate you sharing. Remember the key is noticing your thoughts before you make choices that are not aligned with what you are committed to, that is the real trick! So happy you are juicing. Love. T

kris said...

I know! That is the trick! :D When I want to eat from an unconscious place, I'd like to stop, feel, allow the space between thought and action. And love myself through it all. My goal for this month of February is to practice this more often.