Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day TWO February

Good Morning,

I can't believe a year has passed already since we first opened Gracias Madre. We had the anniversary celebration and were awarded Best Restaurant of the Year from Veg News Magazine. Congratulations everyone! What I noticed was since I was juicing I was able to be more present with both my granddaughter, who didn't want to leave my side, and all the people who wanted to say hi and share something with me. I found my thoughts silently saying, "wow look how present I am" or some version of that and noticing that it was the result of JUICING. I love that there are less distractions in my life when I juice for the week.
I also noticed that the food wasn't distracting me, I wasn't hungry and yet could completely appreciate that it was there, looked amazing and many people were enjoying it.
The music was incredible too.
On our ride back to the farm I wasn't as tired as I usually am (late in the evening after a full day on the farm), and I could tell that this being the beginning of the week I was still detoxing.
So, lots of water today and I am actually planning my juices ahead of time....
Love to you all.


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kris said...

I love that feeling that Terces describes...that feeling of Wow! I feel so present!
I'm quite happy that I have not been experiencing unpleasant detox symptoms this time, other than periods of hunger pangs. Sometimes I think those pangs are symbolic of how I neglect to nourish myself in other areas of my life. My body is soo connected to my emotions, my mental state and my spirituality. It's in my nature to nourish everyone else around me while neglecting to nourish myself. Today, I think I'll ask myself: Body, mind, spirit, how do you need me to nourish you today?...and then do what I hear :)