Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day THREE February

Good Morning,

I am experiencing some hunger, and am increasing my juices. I am still taking Chlorella and E3Live. I am experiencing the peacefulness and calmness of juicing, however notice that I get irritated with other people who are irritated. I would say I am more interested in peace. What are you noticing?
Today I am taking on kindness, being kind to others and myself. what would being kind look like to you?
For me, it is reading, finishing my first loaf of sour dough bread that I have been growing my own starter for for a month now, doing yoga, gardening, listening to my deepest inner voice...
Thank you for taking on your health with me.
I love you,


Karlak Philo-Sophie said...

Hello loves,
This is my fourth day of juicing. For some reason I thought Monday was Feb 1st and I started then. lol. The first few days I felt great no hunger whatsoever. But yesterday I experienced hunger and irritation. It was pretty late and I did not want to drink any juices as citrus was the only option. I was fearing that the sugar would keep me awake. Today I woke up specially sore from a dance class and shaking. Not feeling good at all. I am now drinking more juices. I think I was not drinking enough before. I have noticed that I really resist everything in my life. I am interested in exploring that, Today, I am focusing on love, joy and acceptance. Specially self love and self acceptance. My inspiration comes from this question from the Abounding River Log Book; Who would you have to be to create everything, every moment as the best?. I am really going for the full week this time around. So wish me luck!
Love you all,
Karlak Philo

Mary said...

This Day Four morning, slight hunger (and too much nutritional yeast in my soup last night?) woke me about 1 am. I could not get back to sleep. I noticed something, a feeling, trying to get my attention. My mind took me to how I had never really grieved for a significant loss in my life years ago. I gave the loss lip service, yes, but I had never viewed it as an emotional AND physical feeling needing attention. So, I tried to just be present as some memories washed over me, as various physical sensations came to visit, and as a few tears flowed. Now I have a better way to relate to what I lost...and to my body. I feel a little easing of the loss when I think about it. What emotional clearings is this fast triggering in you?

Terces Engelhart said...

It is so amazing to me as well, how many feelings come up and also waves of irritation, YOU are on the right track. Keep up the great work. Love, T

kris said...

Hi Everyone!
I love how Karlak calls us "Loves"!!! Hi Love back at ya :)And yey for you, going for the full week this time!

Like Karlak and Mary, I have been experiencing hunger. Unlike them, I haven't been taking care of it by making more juice. I need to plan for that today. I ate a bit of cooked food last night. I wish I'd made a better choice. But today's another day!

I love what Mary shared on grief. It sounds like a powerful movement for you and I'm so happy for you!

For me, I have been struck by the idea of how I neglect to nourish myself in all aspects of my life and am trying to change this. Two things are making themselves known to me this week:
1.I have found that I LOVE volunteering at my library! My daughter and I started doing it two weeks ago. I'm scheduled to work today and I'm finding that I am looking forward to it and waking up happy just thinking about it!
And 2. People are drawn to me, no matter how I try to be undrawable! The librarians have instructed us NOT to answer anyone's questions, but refer the people to the librarians. But I am approached numerous times each time I volunteer. My daughter told me to not look so approachable, so I tried looking down, holding my energy close to me, etc. It didn't work! Then I noticed when I was putting my mail out yesterday that I always try to hurry because if I see a neighbor, I get pulled into conversations where they tell me deep, personal things about themselves...conversations I cannot walk away from easily. It happened again yesterday! Don't get me wrong: I love people! But I end up giving my time to them and not to nourishing myself, which is what I am called to do right now.