Friday, February 4, 2011

Day FOUR February


Today I noticed I was cold all day, just couldn't seem to get warm. Had some hot veggie broth soup and it helped but still I felt "chilled". Thank goodness for hot tubbies at the end of the day.
What are you experiencing?
I am still so grateful for the practice of juicing/cleansing each month. It is now a regular practice of mine and I look forward to it.
Today I am practicing keeping my attention on all I have to be grateful for. What are you grateful for?
I still love and look forward to the green juice with avocado and green salsa blended in, it is so filling and due to the spice feels so satisfying.
I also love hot tea, to really sip and enjoy a cup in the mid afternoon around the fire.
I love the clarity of such a simple diet.
I am grateful for you.
Love. Terces

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kris said...

I have recently discovered how wonderful hot baths feel too. So I'll say that I'm grateful for hot bathtubs. I'm also so grateful for libraries and for the opportunity to help out there. I'm grateful for my two cats, my amazing daughter, my husband who is my teacher-I-shall-not-want (haha!) and soo grateful for you all and this one week a month juice fast!

I wasn't as hungry today. I made more juice in the morning which may have helped.

One rather irritating physical ailment is that each time I ingest something my mouth gets this awful taste in it right afterwards. It becomes dry-feeling and has a sort of metallic taste. Yucky! If anyone knows what that's about, please let me know.