Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day SIX February

Hi Everyone,

So happy for the opportunity to simplify my life, JUICING does that for me.
I even find myself wanting to go back to juicing after only a day or so after the week is over, I am already missing the simplicity I experience.
So, that said,
What are you noticing? How does juicing support you in your life?
I am enjoying the time I have with my grandchildren on the farm, we are all learning so much together. Children are precious for sure.
This month I have really enjoyed Grapefruit juice and I make up that is because it is in season and better than ever. We also have an orange tree on the farm and fresh orange juice is so delicious.
Mostly what makes this week so special each month is YOU. Knowing I am not alone, knowing there are others out there going through the same experience... keeps me going.
Remember to exercise as well and be sure to LAUGH too, it is so good for you.
Love. Terces


Mary said...

Hello, all! It is Day Seven. I would like to be acknowledged for successfully following through to the end with healthy, fresh juices, blended soups and smoothies -- and no cooked or solid foods!

I would like to be acknowledged for stuffing my refrigerator with so many fruits and veggies that I have enough choices to KEEP JUICING as I end the fast because juicing is so great.

I would like to be acknowledged for by-passing my boyfriend's homemade pizza and homemade ginger cookies last night as we watched our team, the Packers, beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

I would like to acknowledge Terces for all she contributes to the world. She is a change agent extraodinaire...and my hero.

I would like to acknowledge all of you, however you finished your fast, for taking this step. Together we are changing not just ourselves, but the world, one bite at a time.

kris said...

Juicing supports me by showing me I do not need to "fill up" on food in order to be ok. In fact when I don't fill up, I am better than ok. In January, juicing helped remove some of my "armor" that no longer serves me, if that makes sense. I felt a bit unprotected which, I think, made me feel all those uncomfortable feelings. I ended up learning to live with a little less armor and I felt lighter and freer! During this fast I finally quit a job that no longer served me. And I noticed my increased desire to be alone, while at the same time noticed how I seem to be pursued by others. And this all comes in the midst of huge changes in the lives of my husband, daughter, father and brother. There is virtually upheaval in every life surrounding me. I've struggled with my own work with this as I am a co-dependent. Maybe that's one of the reasons I wasn't as committed to this juice fast this time around. I look forward to March and making a renewed commitment to all of you! :)