Sunday, July 3, 2011

First few days of July

Happy Independence Day!

What new freedom are you celebrating?
I am thrilled to be celebrating being complete with the father of my youngest son. What I mean by that is I have finally said all I wanted to say (for over 20 years now) and all I am left with is respect, admiration and love for him and the difference he made in my life.
I apologize for not writing the first two days, I simply was struggling with getting myself in alignment for JUICING this month. I had been working on my health and well being and just returned from Mexico, where we went to visit the families of some of our employees, as well as to take a child (17 years old) of one of our farm members to meet her grandparents in Mexico for the first time. It was a special and moving trip, so much transformation is cross
How are you treating yourself this month?
What phase of cleansing are you in?
I would love to hear from you.
Have a great holiday Monday and know you are loved.
love. Terces


Hiroko said...

First time to write: I am starting Juicing Detox from yesterday. I love to learn more from you about Kombucha. I am Japanese and we used to drink this a lot, however, do you make it from scratch??

Mahalo nui, Hiroko

kris said...

Hi Terces and Hiroko. I'm Kristin. Wow! Lots of transforming things you're going through Terces! It sounds really wonderful. And I also would like to start making my own kombucha.

For me, I'm also in a huge transformation. Won't go into details as I'd be writing a novel.

I was really doing well on the juice fast this time (better than usual) until we had our family over for a celebration yesterday. I abstained from the food until around 2:30. Then I ate cooked as well as raw food. But I'm choosing not to see this as a failure, just a learning process. How do I honor my food choices while in a group of people whom I sometimes feel triggered around? That is what I'm exploring ;)

Today, I'm celebrating freedom from worry about food. I'm also celebrating freedom from the fear that holds me back from air travel. I am planning a trip to the Bay Area for a family reunion in a few weeks.

kristina said...

I keep being inspired by this group, thanks everyone. i want to inspire you with the miricael of last month . I have two beautifull mainecoon cats and the female gave birth to 8 kittens 4 weeks ago . The beauty of the universe creation . The personalities were there from the start and we loved them . So one died and one more and one more . The vet said they gotten amonia and it was to late to save them . We all sat with the remaining four half dead cats and just cried . What a vaist of their power and the joy they could spread in the world. I had a group coming for a weekend spiritual retrat and detox. I was making wheatgrass for everyone . So i gave some, forced brutally in a drop of what grass in the kittens who was slipping away so quickly death was really in the room . I sprayed whatgrass on their fur so their mother had to clean them and she got it into her as well . I had no hope but continued to force feed . The day after everyone in the group came running in to see and the kittens were not dead. A miracel and it continued. The whole group was whittness to the power of simple wheatgrass and love . Today they are the most thriving kittens soooo beautifull and full of life and a group of people will honer their bodies with wheatgrass forever...
love from sweden kristina

kris said...

Kristina, that's amazing!!! Thank you for sharing that story! I LOVE cats! I'm so happy they survived and are thriving. Wheatgrass is truly amazing!

Kristin :)

Terces Engelhart said...

WOW, how wonderful. I love wheat grass stories, I am so excited about all the ways it works wonders on everyone, including kittens now!
Love you all. Terces