Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FINAL days of JULY

Hi Everyone,

I apologize not not writing much this month, first time for me, and while I have been super busy I have also missed our connection. I am going to JUICE another week as my body just wasn't in sync with it this week. I am so inspired by all of you and grateful for the time we share and the stories that connect us all.
I still drink JUICE throughout the day and also kombucha (yes I make my own with Rooibos) and love it mixed with Vitamineral Green! You can order new SCOBY from Happy Herbalist on line and it comes with amazing information booklet with all you would ever want to know about fermented foods too!
The farm is in full force right now, and the weather is HOT! Lots to keep us busy and growing.
Love you all,


kristina said...

hi again
So gratefull for the sharing. My cleancing is in spurts and what I can do . The wheatgrass input though woow all my symomes (most) dissapered . I have been thinking about it for years and i did it for four days. this week.
Terece and anyone els Thank you for this high quality intention.

kris said...

You're welcome Kristina and thank you as well, along with Terces! Had some great weight release this time, which is always appreciated. I wasn't as intentional yesterday and ate a piece of my daughter's food. If I had it in me, I'd continue juicing through the next week too, but I do not think my intentionality is up for it. I'm ready for some salads!

See you all next time I hope!