Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Days of August

Hi Everyone,

Don't really know how many of you are still doing the week long JUICE each month but grateful for however many of you are out there. I so appreciate the partnership.
No matter where you are, and I know some new folks have joined us BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!
Drink lots of water, I suggest some wheatgrass, even if you mix it with apple juice for starters.
Green juice with kale, celery, cucumber and some lemon is my favorite.
I also enjoy lemonade in the hot months of summer, I blend it with ice and make a slushy on the hottest of days, adding some Vitamineral Green as well.
I enjoy kombucha with Vitamineral Green too.
Right now blackberries are in full season and those blended with sparkling water is a great refresher. But most important is to do what works for your body best. What you want is a break from digestion and some detox from toxins built up over time.
I know most folks don't talk about these things but wheatgrass and coffee are wonderful enemas for a deeper cleansing experience and a liver and intestinal cleanse. If you want to know more, ask me!
What do you love about yourself?

Love. Terces


kris said...

Hi Terces,

I'm here again. I'm starting with bronchitis this time, but hoping the juice fast will be beneficial. I'm realizing that I drink fruit juices mainly, rather than the green juices and green based drinks that you are drinking. Maybe I need to switch up how I'm doing things.

Today what I love about myself is that I'm brave enough to grow, change and heal in big ways!

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Kris,

I would recommend green juices, especially if you aren't feeling great. The sugar in fruit juice can feed illness so switch it up as much as you can. Hope you feel better really soon and thanks for joining us again. Love. T

Christine said...

Hi Terces,

I was brought to your site from Cafe Gratitude site- a place I recently discovered and have fell in love with. I could go on and on about where I am at right now, but will keep it short- Vegetarian making the powerful move to vegan, interested and learning more about raw, currently on day 4 of a detox( for my current veggie diet its mostly just cutting out carbs, and man do I feel so much lighter!! lol)... and interested in hearing about why and how you juice for a week at the beginning of each month. I mean, it sounds like a much needed break, but I just have no info on this and would LOVE to hear it from you =)
Thanks for putting all of this out there for us to find! xoxo