Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Good Morning,

I don't know about you but yesterday was a turning point for me. I felt the old "energy" and "clarity" that calls me to on going juicing. I also was inspired and lighter in my heart as well.
I juiced watermelon, jalapeno pepper and lemon. It was cooling and warming and wonderful for the rainy day we had here on the farm.
Volunteers helped collect the most butternut squash I have ever seen! They were having fun and learning about farming from the working on a farm perspective.
WE are at the end of our cucumbers and I am getting ready to go juice some for a great alkalizing drink.
I also enjoy fresh juiced tomatoes, hot pepper and carrot with celery for a wonderful version of a "bloody mary mix" cocktail (without the alcohol, of course!)
Thank you for calling me back into the full experience of juicing, I am so grateful for the community that keeps me going.
Love you all.
Have a wonderful day.


pat in comox said...

I have been juicing, as well as having smoothies & 'soups', along with the juice club this time (I am on Day 37 of what I hope will be a 92-day juice and smoothie 'feast'. I love the juice club for the bond with others and you, Terces. Thanks beyond words for the continued inspiration and commitment you give to us all, despite your busy life.

Something I am dealing with and would appreciate feedback from anyone is the apparent fact that I have a hernia. I am a 64 year old woman, in general good health, who has not been to a doctor in many years. Can I heal a hernia with raw foods? Appreciate any feedback.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Pat,
unclear about healing a hernia with raw food. Is it growing? Matthew, my husband eventually had his hernia surgically worked on. I have never had one. I'll leave this open for others to comment and if I discover anything will let you know. Love. T