Friday, October 7, 2011


Congratulations on arriving to DAY SEVEN. Celebrate however you got here!
No matter what your experience was you are a champion for just taking on your health.
Some of you may want to keep going, juicing mostly and slowly adding in good wholesome food, Others may be ready to bite down on some solid food as soon as possible. Listen to your body and take it easy. Start with fresh veggies, salads and fruits.
Chew, Chew, Chew.... breathe, breathe, breathe.....
Acknowledge yourself and your commitment to your body!
Thank you for being there for me!
I head to Los Angeles this afternoon for Leaders Causing Leaders, where we are both speaking over the weekend.
Then back to the farm on Sunday evening and into San Francisco for our Monday meetings.
I am still appreciating the clarity from JUICING and the energy as well.
Have a great month, see you in November, right here!
Love. Terces


Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

hello hello!
Just poppin in from Seattle to say THANK YOU - I am grateful for the community and the encouragement of the 7 day juice fasts....I've subscribed for a couple of months and have followed a "juice path" - with a blender- since reading your blog....this post is, however, not about me....

Someone I love is suffering from various ills - nothing like a trauma, but annoying small colds that are sinking to her lungs more quickly than usual.
That said, we bought a juicer..2 days ago..she was skeptical about the natural sugars of the fruit...and even moreso when I mentioned there is scant fruit and about 80% veggies.
2 days later - and sickness in full swing - she can't stop drinking her beets, kales, celeries, carrots, cranberries and apples. She is more surprised than me. I am more delighted than surprised.
I am grateful for her willingness.
I am grateful for your encouragement and voice in simply and tenderly inviting me to join you each month in juicing.