Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trust and Surrender

December is here, we even have snow on the ground at the farm, not a normal occurrence. A couple of our farm family members have NEVER seen snow, certainly gets me present to the beauty of it. Amazing how I can fall asleep to the miracles all around me. Great to have a wake up call!
We are deep in the process of "birthing" Gracias Madre, what an exercise in trust and surrender I find ourselves in. While the process has required more money and more time than we could have imagined, and while I know it will be a beautiful expression of our celebration of the unconditional love that mothering is, I am challenged daily to let go and trust.
Where are you holding on? Where are you pushing for an outcome and not trusting the process you are in?
Great questions especially when I am so committed that we be our word with all the vendors, new employees and all those involved throughout our company, and yet, I can do and say all there is to do and say, I can support and encourage and ultimately what there is to do is trust and let go, knowing that this too is in God's hands, that this too is a perfect expression of the Divine.
Where can you let go today and invite yourself to trust more fully and surrender more deeply?
I love you.

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