Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks

This is it, the week of Thanksgiving.
So instead of the usual grocery shopping (purchasing more than normal), how about coming by any of our Cafe Gratitude Cafe and letting us serve you a Thanksgiving meal (free of charge) and then how about you serving someone else?
In every Cafe (except the one inside of Whole Foods in Oakland) we serve a free meal to anyone who joins us from 11am - 3pm and everyone donates their time. This is my favorite day, favorite celebration, it is such a heartwarming, heart opening celebration of giving Thanks. Everyone shares what they are grateful for and the long community tables are filled with people from everywhere. The servers and bartenders and kitchen folks are all volunteering their time, they are serving simply because they want to give.
Come on by, eat, serve, remember the real source of gratitude is giving to others, others before self!
It is a day you will remember, promise.
We would love to serve you!
Happy Thanksgiving.

What are you grateful for?

Love, Terces

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Laura said...

Hi! Well, I'm from Brazil, so it will not be possible to me to be there to Give Thanks. But, you know, I've just had the pleasure to meet your website. I saw a sticker on the Jason Mraz's' new album, and your slogan took my attention... So I came here only to tell you that your way of life is very interesting and some day, if I can be in the USA, be sure that I'll go to meet the store