Friday, November 20, 2009

Surprise and delight

Wow here it is, the season to give. What if it is always the season to give?
What I mean by that is notice how you feel when you do something kind, thoughtful, generous for someone else? Feels pretty good, huh? Well consider that whenever you feel stuck, stopped, worried, anxious, selfish, separate.... you get the idea? .... you gave.
That is how our I Am Grateful Bowl came into existence. We were experiencing a slow down in business, a block in the flow... so we said, "How can we give more?" and the idea of a bowl of delicious organic food paid by donation, based on what someone could afford to give, or someone might choose to purchase for someone else in advance, came into existence.
So look and see, where can you give today, who can you surprise and delight? This is such a great exercise to take on, in all seasons, each and every day.
Love, Terces


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your I Am Grateful Bowl!
I try always to be a blessing in peoples lives - maybe just through something like cheering on the harried receptionist at the dr.s office last week. And in return being able to help her smile through her rushed day was such a blessing to me!

medicine girl said...

I hope this idea has been successful! I'd visit your Berkeley restaurant if I could reach it from the East Coast. I recommend it regularly as the most flavorful & satisfying raw food I've had (even my parents like it!) and plan to pick up the recipe book. I hope I can find some of the rarer ingredients out here on the East Coast or by mail order!