Monday, December 28, 2009

Letting go of the old and.....

...Welcoming in the NEW.
I don't know about you but I always appreciate a fresh start. Doesn't matter what the situation is I am simply inspired by the idea that I can learn from the past and create a new more empowering future, no matter what.
So, what are you letting go of as 2009 comes to an end? My husband and I always take the time to list what our accomplishments of the year that is ending were, what were the top stories, what were our big lessons? Then we create what we see as being the Headlines for the coming year, like the front page of a paper. It is great fun, we laugh, we cry, we so enjoy the opportunity.
I invite you to try it.
When we create the Headlines for the coming year we are actually creating a context, a topic for the year that will help support our commitments and passions.
Thank you for a great year, Happy New Year!
Love, Terces

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christinearylo said...

I love what you have to say about letting go of the old! I think about this time as a time of pause. Alice Walker said the wisdom is in the Pause, and I think she was right. I'm leaving behind the need to work hard and take care of it all myself in 2009, and stepping into living 2010 from my feminine super powers all the way... receiving, open and smiling ;) Christine Arylo