Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living by Faith

I was thinking the other day how often I find myself living by evidence, even when I realize it I can't always intervene in my evidence way of life. Yet, I know, deep down inside myself that life lived by faith is what really calls to me. I have actually had lots of experiences in my life where I made choices and stepped out of my comfort zone living completely by faith and ALWAYS the outcome was MIRACULOUS. Yet still, here I am looking for evidence anyway.
What it takes for me to live by faith is simply trusting, keeping my attention on the perfection of everything and letting go of any and all expectations I might have.
One of the ways I interrupt my search for evidence is shifting my attention to all I have to be grateful for. I am always amazed at how quickly I return to the present moment and once again begin to notice who beautifully and perfectly I am provided for. I often find myself wondering .... what more evidence do I need?

Love, Terces

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Lori said...

Thank you for your testimony! I want deeply to live by faith, yet constantly ask for evidence. Not trusting and truly not believing. Letting go has been difficult for me and now I find I have no choice.