Friday, January 2, 2009

Aloha Awakenings March 2009!

Behold a new vision... a fresh perspective of living from our hearts, together, as one. 2009 is right around the corner, a new president, a renewed sense of being, the continuous unfolding of ourselves....where better than the lushness of Maui to support this process?

An invitation is surfacing from the depths..internally....movement of the ocean pulse, rising with the full moon is love. We are honored to write to you, to open the possibility of a shared journey. Imagine, Maui sweetness, nourishment through your entire being....not to mention the food from Earth herself. For those of you who have this memory in your body, this is a return and for many of you, returning again. Spread the seeds of what you know from your experience with those you love. And...if this is your first time learning of this or considering to come play with us, everything is possible...especially when it seems impossible. In all honesty, it isn't easy for us to find ourselves in paradise often as life calls us in so many directions based on our responsibilities. Perhaps there is a responsibility available here for you, for yourself to rejuvenate, enliven and dream bigger into new life force available to you right now. The particular theme of this retreat is based on kindred spirit, relationship as a path of awakening.

This workshop explores relationship as an access to the most authentic self: unconditional love. All relationship is simply "being with another". Relationship is a mirror, an opportunity reveal the wounds that separate us and uphold the illusion of aloneness. For many, relationship has become about compromise, or taking a fifty- fifty approach to finding workability. Kindred Spirit takes a 100% - 0% approach. In taking full ownership the union of "we" is awakened. Once our resistance is uncovered, the presence of love reigns, and loving life is fulfilled.

We love you and look forward to sharing the radiance,

Ciela, Rana, Matthew and Terces

Join us March 11th-16th 2009

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