Monday, December 29, 2008

Dessert Class: The De-mystification of Irish Moss

Learn to make Meringue, "I am Bliss", & Creme Caramel and... everything you've ever wanted to know about Irish Moss

All going from 8am to 11am for $50 each:
*January 28th in Healdsburg
*January 21st in San Rafael
*January 23rd in Berkeley
*January 25th in San Francisco

Come join us and learn about this extraordinary vegetable of the sea!
Go to to check out more and to sign up for a class!

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Alexis said...

Happy New Year!! Any chance you could post a few notes from the class (or at least a few demystifying facts about Irish Moss ;) on the blog, for those of us not in the Bay Area? Would be *very* grateful!!