Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rewrite your life

Consider that you know who you are, how you react, what triggers you, you even warn other people about the ways you are.
You might also be quietly waiting for people to figure out who you are, again already knowing. But what if you could create yourself newly every day? What if you could start saying things about yourself that create you as more of who you really want to be? Maybe you can. I invite you to take it on. For just one week pick one way of being that perhaps you don't think you are and start affirming that way. Lets say for example, I Am Beautiful, or I Am Generous, pick one that you aspire to but don't quite think you are there yet.
Now for this whole week really take on practicing being this way. Look yourself in the mirror first thing each morning, everytime you get into the car look into that mirror, before you go to sleep at night again look into the mirror and say, ,affirm, whatever it is you are creating for yourself.
Keep it up all week long. Notice your experience as the week progresses. Let what you are saying sink in, stop resisting it, just breathe into your words.
At the end of the week, share what your experience was with me, how was that for you? What are you present to now? How do you see and experience yourself?
I promise you can rewrite your life. Whatever story you are telling yourself and others if it empowers you, great, keep sharing it. If it doesn't empower you start practicing sharing another story. Make one up that is empowering, you made up the one that wasn't so why not start making up one that is.
You are love in expression, let your love express NOW.
In our workshop that just finished on our farm here in Maui one of the participants ended the five days sharing, "I have never fallen in love so fast."
Go ahead, let yourself fall in love with yourself and with everyone else in your life too!

Love, Terces


Anonymous said...

that's a great idea, but what if u try to show others the change and yet, they still don't believe you and take it for granted? even , best friend...it's so sad to suffer this.and they criticise you badly.. love and peace , Gini.

Ella said...

I totally agree with Gini. You always have to be what your family, friends or colleagues are used to know as you. I had once the opportunity to spend several months abroad. I had a completely different life so I thought I had become someone different. The truth is as soon as I went back home, everything became the same and my friends and relatives didn't accept me to be someone else. Maybe I should have been more confident. Or maybe I was too afraid to complete this change. It has been 15 years now and I am still struggling with all sorts of regrets

Cafe Gratitude said...

Well here is what I would say. The people who surround you, your family and friends, have been taught by you as to who you are. So in order for you to re create yourself you need to let them know that you are seeing things in new ways and ask them to stop seeing you the way you taught them to in the past and invite them to see you as you are now taking on being. You can do it, it is not too late. Love, Terces

Ella said...

I feel better now since I have spent two weeks out of work and back with my family. I realize that me too have decided that I am what I don't want to be ; I am the first to blame. I know my fears and weaknesses, and I know how to stop doing these mistakes. The only thing is that something in me just want to fail.
I am thinking about starting some yoga to learn to speak to myself first and then I will find the way to speak to my friends and family.
Sounds weird but it is the only way for me to change.

Best regards,